Minimally Invasive Procedure That Treats Spider And Varicose Veins
  • We use advanced prescription medicines in a procedure called sclerotherapy to remove unwanted spider veins on your legs. It is administered by our Vein Care Specialist and is used to treat two types of veins:

    · Uncomplicated spider veins (very small varicose veins ≤ 1 mm in diameter)
    · Uncomplicated small varicose veins (1 to 3 mm in diameter) known as reticular veins In addition to minimizing the appearance of spider veins, sclerotherapy can also provide relief from symptoms like itching and burning.
  • What to Expect

  • - Typical treatment sessions last 15-45 minutes
    - Minimal discomfort associated with injections
    - Spider veins may become more prominent for the 
first few days following the injections before their 
appearance starts to decrease
    - Compression wraps or stockings are required for 
5-14 days following a treatment session

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